Are you a stylish, spiritual, stoner in need of a tool to keep your nails fly as you get high? Look no further, for you have finally found your answer!

What is a Ganja Wand?

  Ganja Wands are beautiful cannabis clips uniquely handcrafted of genuine crystals and beads wrapped in wire. Using a Ganja Wand helps prevent you from burning your fingernails while smoking. Also the energy harnessed from the crystals will Amplify Your Aura , protecting your nails & energy with every puff. 


How To Use

While smoking a rolled joint, blunt or spliff, attach it to the end of the clip, keeping the lit side away from your lips. Comfortably hold your Ganja Wand between your fingers where it fits best for you. Now puff until there's none left.

    Meet the Creator             

  In the height of the pandemic, Mariah decided it was time to invest in herself and start her journey as female business owner. With dreams of becoming a successful Afro-Latina entrepreneur, she knew she wanted to be involved in the things she's most passionate about... cannabis & crystals. One day, as she was enjoying a joint, she burnt her nails and thus came up with a solution to the universal problem. By utilizing her talents, she designed a prototype of a "roach clip" to help protect her nails as she smoked and with trial and error, created a unique and revolutionary way to elevate her smoking experience. But before she could showcase her creation, she had to undergo two hand surgeries, wait to recover, regain mobility and strength in her fingers and after all the adversities, she was motivated even more to get her products in the hands of every cannababe. Now you can catch Mariah networking at SoCal Pop-ups and showcasing her beautiful creations to the world.